JBoss Modeshape

This bundle connects to a Modeshape instance. You can install a plain Modeshape instance e.g. in your Local network, on your local computer or on a webserver to use this connector to share your data. Communication is implemented via REST over HTTP. Supports multiple workspaces and supports readonly workspace instances from other users.


This connector synchronizes data with your Dropbox account. No need to install any software from Dropbox, just give Remus access to your Dropbox account and all content of Remus can be uploaded and synchronized. Like all other repositories you have the full freedom of offline editing of your data and synchronize back if you are connected to the internet.

WebDav & Simple Folder

This connector lets you share all of your content to a folder in your filesystem, for example a network-folder or a local folder and provides functionalities to store your data on a remote system that supports the WebDav protocoll. You can use free online-services which provide a WebDav Store or you can setup your own WebDav server, e.g. installing the appended module in your Apache.


This connector connects anonymously to any youtube account and synchronizes the playlists, favorites and subscriptions of this user. A standard usecase is to connect to his own profile. The connector downloads and synchronizes the selected remote objects and makes them offline avialable.


Connecting to slideshare gives you the possibility to browse through your uploaded slides, the people you're following or the result of certain search queries against the slideshare platform. Remus tries to download the appended file, if available and provides a visualization to view the presentation with the viewer provided by


This feature lets you connect to your flickr account to synchronize your photostreams. You can also add comment-regions to your photos. Edit your photos offline and upload or synchronize them when you are online. Please note that a free flickr account has a limited traffic rate (100MB/month) and does not synchronize the photos in their original sizes.


This connector adds Twitter functionality to Remus. You can tweet messages, send direct messages, upload photos, shortening urls, etc, all the functionalities delivered by a regular twitter client. In addition it provides some statistics about your twitter activity and tracks the following and unfollowing of your friends and followers.

RSS & Podcasts

The RSS connector makes Remus to a RSS Reader and provides functionality for downloading video and audio podcasts. All messages and their appended resources like images or styles are downloaded to read RSS Entries offline without any restrictions regarding the visualization of a single entry.

Google Services

This bundle connects to the Google Services "Google Contacts" and "Google Calendar". It lets you manage your contacts and calendar entries also offline and synchronizes new and updated elements back to the repository. Supports also multiple Google accounts. This bundle requires at least one valid Google account.

If you have installed the calendar integration for Remus all your calendar entries will also appear in the calendar overview.


The delicious connector synchronizes with your Delicious account and downloads all available links in your local Remus instance. Additionally the content of the linked pages is indexed and is available for a search in your local instance.

Eclipse Marketplace

This connector can synchronize with the content of the Marketplace from the Eclipse Foundation at It downloads the description of the solutions and lets you browse through the content offline. Additionally you can search the marketplace through Remus without being connected to the market.

Microsoft Outlook

With an installed Microsoft Outlook you can synchronize E-Mails, contacts, appointments and tasks with Remus. Typical scenarios for using this scenario is to enjoy a better search experience with Remus or to share several items from outlook through another connector, e.g. if you want to transfer an appointment from Outlook to Google calendar.